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Security Solutions
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SCDIT offers a wide range of access control security system solutions for businesses. Surveillance camera system and card readers that keeps your company safe.
Security Systems

Today, businesses use a variety of security systems to achieve their purposes. Banks, financial institutes & law firms, must control employees' access to the business premises, and must monitor things like personnel authorization. Other business sectors like manufacturing prioritize attendance records for employees & workers.

Smart Cards act as an efficient, flexible, and portable solution for authenticating identities and encrypting data. They validate transactions so that organizations can alleviate security risks, while reducing costs and providing end users with convenient, value-added services. SCDIT develops customizable smartcard-based solutions for every industry.

We also offer one-stop solutions for secure, high quality, digital viewing and recording. Your new system will give you a complete overview of your business operation with the latest picture and audio technology - over the internet from your PC or notebook - anytime, anywhere.
Automation Solutions

Our company specializes in a variety of home automation systems, including Lighting Control, Audio and Video Control, HVAC Control, Security System Control, Communication System Control, plus the Home Theater solutions. We are experienced, qualified, and ready to provide you with our exciting services. Here at SCDIT we can bring tomorrow’s automation technology to your home and business now.
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
SCDIT provides cost effective turn-key solutions to meet customer’s specific requirements. We can offer a series of megapixel-class cameras that are tailored to the needs of your business with a compact elegant design. Our world-class surveillance system allow business owners to take advantage of remote monitoring via iOS and Android mobile devices.

Our approach is to focus not only on security concerns but also the costs associated with these projects. We are well versed - from small two camera systems to full enterprise level, fully integrated security systems. SCDIT's engineering team will provide you with a cost effective solution that fits any budget and provides room for future expansion from traditional analog to an IP based system.

Access Control
Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, SCDIT is here to provide you with critical and tangible information in your access control selection and installation process. SCDIT has been dedicated to the design, engineering and installation of premium access control equipment and software for over 15 years. Our experienced engineers and installers strive for excellence in giving you the most reliable install 365 days a year. With SCDIT you can be confident in your Access Control solution. Our strategy for access control supports that smallest of installations while also being able to handle multi-building enterprises with hundreds of entry points.

Passive Optical Networks
SCDIT can provide a passive optical network (PON) solution that uses a point to multipoint fiber to the premises in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises. A PON solution can reduce the amount of cables and central office equipment required compared with your typical point to point design. A passive optical network is a form of fiber optic access network.

We have the design and installation team in place in order to give you a full PON solution. The way we use the internet today creates a big demand for a very high bandwidth and with a GPON solution SCDIT can help you use passive splitters in a fiber distribution network, enabling one single feeding fiber from the provider’s central office to serve multiple destinations. These PON solutions that we can provide are considered the strongest candidate for widespread deployment and come with a higher life expectancy than that of your traditional copper.

SCDIT’s team of experts can build you an alternate to your more traditional Ethernet LAN and bring you a more enhanced capability network that can allow for future expansion. Our team can install passive optical fiber LAN solutions that will interconnect stationary Ethernet based systems.

A/V News
Paging and Intercom

Schools, campuses, office buildings and industrial plants all have a great need for two-way communication with a main office center in order to improve productivity and response times for daily and emergency situations. SCDIT offers an easy-to-install, cost-effective, wireless intercom system incorporating two-way voice communication throughout any sized facility.

Available options:

• Wireless facility-wide two-way intercom communication
• Wireless PA speakers for bell alerts and voice announcements
• Instant voice notifications during emergency situations
• Wireless time synchronization to all clocks and bells
• Automatic sound leveling technology

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