Audio Video and
Security Solutions
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SCDIT offers a wide range of audio video solutions for customers. Whether it's a video conferencing solution that connects you, a surveillance system that keeps you safe, or an audio system that sets the right mood, we offer solutions to enhance your facility with cutting edge audio video technology.
Audio Systems

Working directly with you, SCDIT will transform your audio vision into a working reality. It begins with a thorough needs assessment where we will determine the environment. We will nail down all aspects by analyzing workflow usage patterns and other criteria. From the outset, we will manage expectations so you will know exactly your project will be like upon completion. Your turnkey audio solution will be installed on-time and on-budget.

Your sales representative, dedicated to your satisfaction, will be thoroughly familiar with all details, timelines, budgets and expectations. He will communicate with you frequently and update you regularly as he closely monitors every step of the project from concept through completion.

Our professional, technical installers manage the on-site equipment installation and audio system calibration processes. Following your installation, our specialists will test your system end-to-end to assure it meets the exact manufacturer specifications and operates as it was designed to.
Video Systems

SCDIT can equip your venue with a wide range of video based solutions, ranging in size and price to fit your needs and budget. We believe in providing our customers with top quality products that will perform well over the duration of their lifetime, and that are capable of being repaired and maintained.

The advantage of choosing quality brands and hardware is that the life of a TV can be doubled simply by repairing a component, rather than replacing the whole set. No matter what configuration of screen display technology you need, SCDIT will get you set up in no time.
Conferencing Systems

SCDIT can provide you with state-of-the-art video conferencing (or VTC) and telepresence solutions to help your organization be efficient, communicate effectively, and connect with people and locations across the U.S. and around the world. Whether you are in a corporate, government, military or education environment, VTC capabilities allow you to collaborate and interact with colleagues at an instant, while also saving time, money and travel costs.

In today’s global marketplace, VTC technology provides efficient and effective ways to communicate. Whether it be a simple one camera system, a fully integrated telepresence system, SCDIT can help you easily connect to and from corporate boardrooms, training facilities and operations centers around the world.
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Paging and Intercom

Schools, campuses, office buildings and industrial plants all have a great need for two-way communication with a main office center in order to improve productivity and response times for daily and emergency situations. SCDIT offers an easy-to-install, cost-effective, wireless intercom system incorporating two-way voice communication throughout any sized facility.

Available options:

• Wireless facility-wide two-way intercom communication
• Wireless PA speakers for bell alerts and voice announcements
• Instant voice notifications during emergency situations
• Wireless time synchronization to all clocks and bells
• Automatic sound leveling technology