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Before / After SCDIT

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Network Infrastructure

The goal of unrestricted data flow must direct the design technical environments.  SCDIT specializes in design, engineering, product selection, documentation, cabling installation inclusive of the backbone architecture, for IT environments.  SCDIT is an expert in both secure and non-secure environments and delivers solutions that accommodate both.

Structured Data Cabling

Cable infrastructure using the correct mix of products and installed according to industry best practices is essential for a stable and robust IT environment. SCDIT is more than just a cabling company – we are a full-service network integrator. We see the entire environment and design a footprint specific to your needs. Our BICSI certified design and installation team offer a wide range of product and services that can be delivered on a national level from the design of structured cabling systems, to the installation, testing, and documentation of those projects. SCDIT provides Voice/Data/Video cabling solutions of all sizes from small businesses to data centers.

Cabling Services Offered:

SCDIT offers a full engineering and design-build service from beginning to end and is capable of facilitating all types of projects big or small.

  • Copper Design and Install
    • Category 5e, 6, 6e, & 6A
    • Field Terminated and Pre-Terminated Solutions
    • High Pair Count Copper Cable
    • Inside and Outside Plant
    • High Count Splicing
  • Fiber Design and Install
    • Multimode OM3 50-Micron 10 Gig
    • Multimode OM4 50-Micron 40 & 100 Gig
    • Single Mode Fiber
    • Field Terminated and Pre-Terminated Solutions
    • Inside and Outside Plant
  • Closet Build Out Design and Install
    • Rack Elevation CAD Drawings
    • Rack Space Efficiency
    • Port Density Maximization
    • Server Cabinet Design & Specifications
    • Network Cabinet Design & Specifications
  • Pathways Design and Install
    • Overhead Cable Tray and Ladder Rack Systems
    • Under Floor Tray Systems
    • Protective Distribution Systems (PDS)
  • Office / Property Cabling Service
    • New tenant fit out
    • Voice / Data cabling for renovations
    • Cable testing
    • Network Hardening
    • Preconstruction Prewire
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SCDIT Is Available To Be A Sub-Contractor

SCD Information Technology has the skills and staff to help other contractors meet their deadlines.

Network Engineering

scd rack BFW Stack

Once the environment is sound, SCDIT Consultants go to work understanding your business model and goals both short term and long term.  Our familiarity with your organization ensures that the solutions and advice provided is specific to you.  SCDIT delivers: 

  • Site Documentation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Security Policy Review or Development
    • NIST Compliance
  • LAN / WAN Implementation
    • Host Connectivity
    • Gateway
    • VPN/Remote Accessibility
  • Network design
    • Integration and testing
    • Interoperability certification
    • Platform installation and testing
    • Multifactor authentication
  • Wireless Networks/WIFI
    • Single Access Point configuration
    • Mesh Network configuration
    • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Network configuration and security
    • VLAN Configuration
    • Routing
    • Switching
    • Firewalls
    • Intrusion detection/protection
    • Security assessments
  • Administration and management
    • Performance tuning
    • Malware/Ransomware Prevention
    • Maintenance and support services
    • 24/7 Live Helpdesk
    • Hardware and software acquisition