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We are operating in our normal business hours.

Maryland's business community plays a critical role in protecting our citizens and preventing another surge in COVID-19 infections. Because we are committed to the safety and health of our valuable employees and customers we pledge to:

  • Social distance
  • Clean surfaces and wash hands.
  • Communicate policies and procedures
  • Disinfect "high touch areas"
  • Follow guidelines provided by the CDC

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410.290.1591 (Office).

(855) 710-3723 (Toll Free)

410.290.0875 (Helpdesk)

410.290.1908 (Fax)

7161 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite C
Columbia, MD 21046

(410) 290-1591


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SCD Information Technology is an equal opportunity employer.


Federal Contractor

Founded in 1996 as a single-stop premier provider of IT Automation services; added Federal services in 1999 providing Enterprise-level Software and System Engineering; expanded to include Professional Language Services in 2001; and Training and Administrative Services in 2005.

SCDIT Federal Customers:

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Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Administration

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Work Anniversary May

  • Andy - 7 years
  • Cole - 4 years
  • Mitch - 13 years
  • Maurice - 2 year
  • Andrew - 2 year
  • Austin - 2 year