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Your website is an extension of your business. How you look to the public leaves a lasting impression with potential clients. All websites start with the domain name , then hosting, constructing the website, and when the site is done it is time to market yourself. It is your 24/7 point of contact. SCDIT can help with all of that.


Our website process begins with gathering the client’s requirements and matching those with the best techniques and image to put forward. Domain registration and hosting will be chosen to provide the most suitable strategy or technology to accomplish the client’s requirements. Once the site is “live” we make sure to set analytics and SEO to meter the sites draw. Unlike other providers, SCDIT takes one last step to announce the site in multiple Social Media outlets and send email marketing to inform a targeted audience. Our Developers help with:

Domain Names

Domain names are more than just how users get to your website. Domain names will tie into your emails and other services such as FTP. Transferring domain names and setting up Spam Protection Filters are services we handle just about every day.

Website Hosting / Virtual Private Server

Believe it or not this can make a difference in your website performance. Some hosting companies use solid state drives which make your site super quick to load. Some hosts can employ some of the new technologies such as CDN's and Caching products like Varnish.


SCD knows how important a website is to a company. We value ours and work hard on knowing the latest security and hardening techniques for different types of websites such a Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Click here to learn more about our sitecare offerings.

Content Management Systems

SCDIT is well versed in three biggest CMS's Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Each one of these systems offer advantages over each other so we switch between them based on the job requirements. We love using Wordpress for blogs and base websites. When a big job or custom code is needed, we use either Joomla or Drupal depending on which one we feel is a better fit for the job.

CMS Administrators

cms updates

Today's Content Management Systems are always being updated and developed. We have vast experience in keeping your site up-to-date and safe. We specialize in Joomla but have years of experience with Wordpress and Drupal as well.

Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Making sure your website looks good on all types of devices. We spend a lot effort into making the design of your site to respond.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

seo image

A great site can get totally missed without the right SEO. Not a lot of people go to the second page of search results, so even fewer go to the third page. Where your site shows up in search engine ranks has everything to do with SEO.

Google Analytics & WebmasterTools


So powerful, so helpful and free. Analytics combined with Webmaster Tools when linked properly gives the website owner a complete view of their website activity. SCDIT know the power of being on the first page of any search results.

508 Compliance - ADA Website Compliance

The Americans with Disabiilities Act became a law in 1990. It is often associated with wheelchair ramps and hand rails, but also covered emerging technology such as websites and mobile devices. Starting in 2018 the law is expected to become more enforced, and companies can be liable for making their public websites work with people with disabilities.



ssl indicator

It was rumored in late 2016 that Google will rank sites higher if they are using a SSL with their website. As we have been talking with hosting companies, they are confirming this rumor. Having your site running over a Secure Socket Layer take a little bit of work, but we have done it a bunch and can share that experience with our customers. A SSL is a requirement when processing credit cards or sending sensitive information such as passwords.

Security Web Access Firewall

website security

Website attacks in the past several years have been on the rise. Attackers can use your site to perform nefarious acts without anyone knowing. These attacks often lead to a complete ban by Google's search engines. It can be very time consuming to not only clean up the site but repair your site's reputation with the search engines. SCDIT has cleaned many different types of websites from a static HTML site up to a customized site running applications.

Social Marketing & Website Integration


One of the most powerful entities to grow out of the internet is without a doubt social networking. What social networks offer businesses and organizations is the easiest and most powerful word of mouth on the planet... for free. This word of mouth is called "Social Marketing".

If your organization has not tapped into the marketing and publicity potential of sites like Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook, then SCD can get you started. We also provide general, and advanced website integration features to give your company, and your website the best kind of publicity these forums have to offer.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a personal way to reach customers. We can help in numerous ways including the following:

  • Setting up Email Marketing accounts such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp
  • Develop multiple lists for targeted campaign
  • Create engaging content
  • Design a branded template.




Signs are without question essential to not only attracting customers for retail markets, but also are a necessary part of giving your organization "face time" with consumers. A good sign makes an impression on viewers that they can recognize from a distance. Here at SCD we recently moved and had a sign made for the lobby of our office. Ask us about creating your new sign.

scd digital signage 1

Digital Signage

SCDIT has the expertise to install and configure digital signage for your office. Wired or wireless connections and remote administration dashboard your sign can be updated without being on-site. Contact our AV Specialist.