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American Disabilites Act started in 1990. This act requires businesses to provide equal access for employees and customers with disabilities. The law started out with just the physical world, but the law covers such things as websites and mobile apps.

The full guidelines are expected to be release in 2018 business owners are currently liable. Any court cases this law does allow private individuals to bring a claim to court. If the private individual wins a business could be liable for compensation such court costs.

SCDIT can help you get your site complient. Contact us and we can help.

For persons with disabilities experiencing difficulties accessing content on a particular website, please use the Contact form.  In this form, please indicate the nature of your accessibility issue/problem and your contact information so we can address your issue or question.

The Department of Homeland Security has some tools to evalute your website. Click here to download their tools. 

We often use WebAIM's contrast checker when building our pages.